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the fall 2023 collection

the story

Logan Montgomery Textiles Fall 2023 Collection is an extension of our popular Earth Conscious program of using Recycled yarn that was originally introduced with our Hamilton fabric in 2019. All Fabrics are made of 50% Recycled Sunbrella yarn and 50% New Sunbrella yarn. "Speck" and "Tooth" are brand new designs, inspired from our travels to the UK and Scotland last year. We have also expanded 10 new color ways of the Hamilton fabric. Designed for interiors, but ready to perform out in the elements as all of our fabrics are. We chose to go with very Earthy hues to align with the Earth Conscious overall concept.


Inspired by some of Logan's favorite apparel fabric, "Speck" is made in the style of a true Donegal Speckled Tweed

With a heavy and dry Wool texture, it is hard to tell that this is an indoor/outdoor performance fabric and not couture for a fine coat or hat 

And what is the point of having a fine Donegal Tweed if you don't have the corresponding Houndstooth to match! With matching colors to make a perfect accompaniment, this open weave construction is fashioned to the Old World style, but performs stronger than any modern fabric


On the back of a very successful fabric, and a very successful first try at using Recycled Sunbrella Yarns, we chose to expand the color offerings for Hamilton with deep Earth tones to resonate with the aesthetic as well as the message

Hamilton colorways.gif
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