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the spring 2024 collection

spring is in the air

Logan Montgomery Textiles’ Spring 2024 Collection is a stunning execution of Linen, Chenille, and Bouclé. We were attracted to the traditional slub of authentic Belgian Linen but have not been able to find a partner that could replicate it into performance fibers until now. Our collection's yarn style and weave construction are indistinguishable from natural fibers. Achieving this from Solution-Dyed Acrylic yarns is extremely difficult; it simply couldn't be made, until now. As always, we encourage our team and partners to the top of their abilities to create true Luxury Performance Textiles for interiors and exteriors alike.

COCO 1.jpg

A mid-weight fine Linen texture with a subtle hand. The tighter weave construction lends itself to a very handsome, refined look. It could be on a spring suit as easily as a day bed. True luxury suitable for interiors and exteriors, elevating dining rooms and pool sides alike

A lightweight Linen texture with slub in Belgian Linen fashion. Excellent for windows and upholstery, it can be used anywhere you would linen without the wrinkle or staining.

BLAIR 2.jpg
BLAIR 3.jpg
BLAIR 1.jpg

This heavyweight box weave features Linen and Chenille styled yarns. It is perfect for cozy upholstery pieces in the den by the fire or in the Fire Pit outside on a cool Spring evening.


An exquisite Bouclé weave named after the Woman who made Bouclé Chic. It is True Luxury Performance with 100,000 abrasion testing yet subtle enough for the most discerning hands. It will raise the bar in any space, Interiors or Exteriors

COCO 5.jpg
COCO 7.jpg
COCO 3.jpg
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