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the liesel plambeck collection
performance fabric

IMG_7394 1.jpg

Logan and Liesel met in Los Angeles at the opening of her acclaimed rug collection for Mehraban. They hit it off quickly as they found their love for furnishings, artwork and Los Angeles were perfectly aligned. Liesel soon came to Logan to learn more about textile design and manufacturing, and they quickly decided to create collection together. Logan was excited to introduce a pattern expressing the brand's key competencies; performance luxury for indoor and out, and Liesel wanted to bring a contemporary spin on nature, becoming the star in any outdoor scheme.

This is also Logan Montgomery Textiles’ first fabric entirely made in Los Angeles. Being designed, produced and stocked in a one-mile radius, this fabric is as carbon neutral as possible.

IMG_7677 1.jpg

Logan Montgomery Textiles' first artist collaboration has brought us the "Sabal" fabric.

Stepping out from a market flooded with traditional Palms, Liesel has designed a remarkable contemporary take on the palm print, creating a subtle yet explosive visual. Bringing in the simplicity of two-tone coloration truly lets the design be the star. The oversized repeat allows finished products to not look like a pattern, but a piece of art itself.

Sabal is available in eight (8) colors, allowing palettes to be subtle, or that strong punch of color that we sometimes need. Explore the line, 

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